Shirley Faulkner - Conductor

Ann Shields - Accompanist

Monday, May 8th, 2006 at 7:00 PM

First Baptist Church - 210 S. Denver Avenue - Russellville, AR

Sponsored in part by

St. John's Catholic School


Skelton & Clark, Attorney's at Law


In Celebration of the Young & Young at Heart


"Children's Letters to God"

C.M. Shearer, Eric Marshall and Stuart Hample

Ann Shields, piano


"Prayer of the Children"

Kurt Bestor - arranged by Andrea Klouse

The Festival Chorale Low Voices


"The Mouse Madrigal"

Folk Song arranged by Steven Porter

The Festival Chorale Ladies


"Old Dan Tucker"

Folk song arranged by John Leavitt

Festival Chorale and Children's Chorus

Ann Shields, piano

Ginger Gilbert, string bass (keyboard)


"This Little Light of Mine"

Arranged by Mark Hayes

Festival Chorale and Children's Chorus

Rhythm and horns


"Jesus Loves Me"

Anna Warner and William Bradbury - arranged by Doris Nelson

Festival Chorale and Children's Chorus

Beth Sorrells, keyboard


J O H N   R U T T E R

Mass of the Children

Festival Chorale and Children's Chorus, Chamber Ensemble

Gloria Hardgrave & Wendy Loveland, soprano soloists

Brandon Faulkner & Sandy McGregor, baritone soloists

Wendy Loveland, soprano - Brandon Faulkner, baritone

Gloria Hardgrave, soprano - Brandon Faulkner, baritone

Sanctus and Benedictus
Wendy Loveland, soprano - Sandy McGregor, baritone

Agnus Dei

Finale (Dona nobis pacem)
Sandy McGregor, baritone - Gloria Hardgrave, soprano

Mass of the Children was written in late 2002 and early 2003.  The occasion of its first performance in February 2003 was a concert in New York’s Carnegie Hall involving children’s choir, adult choir, soprano and baritone soloists, and orchestra.  I had always wanted to write a work combining children’s choir with adult performers, not only because I find the sound of children’s voices irresistible but also because I wanted to repay a debt.  As a boy soprano in my school choir I had been thrilled whenever our choir took part in adult works with children’s choir parts, such as the Mahler Third Symphony and the Britten War Requiem, and years later I remembered this experience and wanted to write something that would give children a similar opportunity to perform alongside adult professionals.

The text of Mass of the Children is that of a standard Latin Missa brevis (that is, a Mass not including a Credo section) to which several relevant English poetic texts have been added.  The first and last of these are taken from Bishop Thomas Ken’s renowned morning and evening hymns for the scholars of Winchester College, giving the whole work the framework of a complete day, from waking to sleeping, within which other texts and moods appear like events in that day or landmarks in a life.



The Community Festival Chorale

Cathy Baker, Deanna Flanders, Gloria Hardgrave
JoAnn Hutchinson, Wendy Loveland, Gladys Birmingham Norwood
Ann Richards, Mildred Smith, Jan Welch, Sandy Wright

Cynthia DeLong, Sabra Ferguson, Glenda G. Hannon
Sara Hawkins, Karen Lawrence, Charlotte Linch
Carolyn McWilliams, Danica Madrinich
Daisy Redding, Willie Ann Thomas

Brandon Faulkner, Dodie Lamb-Roberts, Gregg Vickers

Mike Brickels, Mike Cooper, Brian K. Faulkner, Jean P. Hawkins
Sandy McGregor, Sergio Picado, Whitney Wills

CFC Junior Choir

Amber Casey, Andrea Brownlee, Alina DeLong
Jason DeLong, Braden Hiemer, Bobbi Jo Lane
Hannah Latham, Quintessa Lawrence, Richie Loveland
Ashley Warner, Reagan Young



Ann Shields, organ & piano - sponsored in part by Quiznos

Brian K. Faulkner, piano - sponsored by Makin' Music, Inc.

Ginny Hudson, flute - sponsored by Goldmasters

Lauren Wood, oboe - sponsored by Steve Newby Photos

Sue Niven, clarinet - sponsored by Arkansas Valley Chiropractic

Katie Nickels, bassoon - sponsored by JoAnn's

Mike Modica, French horn - sponsored by Cooper Band Instrument & Repair

Brian Stackhouse, timpani - sponsored by Century 21

Daniel Niven, percussion & trap set - sponsored by Priest Chiropractic

Beth Sorrells, harp (keyboard) - sponsored by Russellville Music Club

Ginger Gilbert, double bass (keyboard) - sponsored by Gill & Carl

Matt McGinty, alto saxophone - sponsored by Century 21

Richard Niven, trumpet - sponsored by Yell Co Real Estate

Kyle Reed, trombone - sponsored by The Atkins Chronicle & The Dover Times

Dale Cox, electric guitar - sponsored by Peak Express Truck Lube

Jeff Jones, bass guitar - sponsored by Rebel Floors

Special Thanks

The Vestry of All Saints Episcopal Church for graciously providing us a place to meet and rehearse.

First Baptist Church for this magnificent venue in which to perform.

Kevin Summey for serving as our sound technician.

Community Bible Church for printing the color posters.

Philip Parker and the Arkansas Tech University Music Department for additional percussion equipment.